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Developing web-based platform that allows to integrate of different cloud services into a unified operating environment for small and medium businesses, with the remote access to the workplace, centralized management, unified authorization and payment systems.







A set of small web applications. Each of them performs a complex task for the user in three easy steps. An example of such a problem can be the audio file trimming, merging multiple audio files into one file or it conversion to a different format - one application per task. Using 123apps you can do all the necessary things right in your web browser without downloading special software for each task and installing them on your computer.








Service for performing automated intellectual assessment of people based upon the pattern recognition, determination of their mental state and psycho type.




Development of SaaS solution for data processing of geological oil and gas exploration with the use of new high-performance algorithms based on supercomputer technologies which allow to ensure high accuracy of exploration









Internet service that gives an opportunity for companies to simplify the task of conducting their BTL offers by providing information broadcasting concerning the special offer in any convenient form of communication for the different online-subscribers.








Developing the solution that is able to increase the effectiveness of the voice translation into text process by defining the speaker's lips movements, with following different technical features, such as true fixing of speaker speech, exact selection of micro pauses and fast speech signal processing by parts, with small requirements to Internet channel.












Developing of modern cloud solutions for web-conferencing, webinars and online broadcasting based on the new HTML5 technology and Java scripts, allowing to reduce the required traffic volume, and the overall requirements for server and client resources.





Development of mobile application that helps to increase the customer traffic flow in the stores. The application provides the following capabilities: simplifies navigation system for shopping malls, provides information regarding their current special offers and discounts, encourages people to visit the store and get acquinted with the promote products, by scoring, which can later be exchanged for discounts.




3G-Device Service for listening to Internet Radio stations from all over the world, with the possibility of creating a list of the favorite stations and playing back them using the device attached to a car









Innovative system for traffic rules violation detection and processing. Hard and software for photo capturing of violating vehicles and its average speed determining employing national navigation system Glonass and GPS as well as electronic signatures





Creating of autonomous system incorporating in one network feldsher-midwife stations and central hospitals that increases effectiveness of interaction within the network




Development of a multipurpose Internet service, which allows to record housing facilities stock, to make the calculation of utility bills, to inform residents about what is happening in the housing stock and create the direct communication channels to improve relations between management agencies and residents.


Живые книги





Web service for publishers and authors with functionality that can significantly extend and automate existing processes of book publishing and educational process, as well as create a new format of the relationship between the parties in the book and educational market.




Development of a cloud computing platform for distance learning process including the monitoring and evaluation of the obtained knowledge quality and the systems controlling the level of student's attention using a webcam. The system will allow one tutor to work with several students at the same time, while effectively maintaining the quality of individual tutoring during the preparation for tests and exams.








A racing simulator implemented in a real KAMAZ cabin. With the help of modern virtual reality technology player can be able to fully experience the Paris-Dakar race, with different 3D effects, resistance to steering, engine sound effects and the real differences of dynamic loads using the 6-power dynamic platform, transmitting all kinds of accelerations and relief during the race.






Online platform, which allow to create a site for a team or league management without any special skills, providing effective communication within the sport organizations and other parties of sport community.









Developing an automated service for evaluating employees' competencies and creating special programs of personal development 




Creation of computer game for children aging from 6 to 12 in form of colorful interactive world divided to different thematic parts where children can educate themselves while playing 




Remote cloud storage for music with support of standard APIs and employing of different algorithms for downloading time reduction








«FARCOM interactive»



Aim: Creating the strongest team of mobile games developers in Russia.

Solution: That’s us! The team of independent developers that creates captivating, outstanding, innovative mobile games (iOS, Android & WP7) and Web (Flash & HTML5) aiming to become one of the leadres in game industry.

Status: Business Incubator status received.




Visitors online Managing system

Aim: to make automized process of visitors preliminary check in and provide service companies with the instrument to manage the resourses schedule   

Solution: Internet service with an open API that lets building in a booking system to any platform.

Состояние: Project documentation ready, infrastructure. The service marketing analysis done.


Managing and control in renovation works. Quick and simple to use and adopt.


Aim. To manage construction and renovation processes effectively with the help of software.

– Investment management and contract evaluation,
– Planning and managing of processes

– Operational control realization, system forecasting and changes reports.

Business model. SaaS.

Status. Business Incubator remote resident.




«Надежная защита автострахования»


Цель. Контроль данных в авто страховании и автоматизация работы отдела урегулирования убытков.

Решение. Создание единой базы данных для страховых компаний и присвоение уникальных цифровых кодов деталям автомобилей с целью электронной инвентаризации каждого элемента, страхуемого имущества.

Бизнес-модель. SaaS.

Состояние. Создание программной платформы, включающей в себя базу данных и интегрированное облачное решение







Наземная инфраструктура ГНСС ГЛОНАСС/GPS для высокоточного позиционирования


Цель. Создание инфраструктурного решения, позволяющего использовать возможности спутниковых группировок ГЛОНАСС/GPSдля определения координат с точностью до единиц сантиметров, а в отдельных случаях до единиц миллиметров.

Решение. Разработка оборудования и программного обеспечения для решения задач высокоточного позиционирования с использованием навигационных систем Глонасс/GPS, путем разработки собственных схемотехнических решений, алгоритмов обработки спутниковых измерений и максимальной адаптации подроссийские особенности использования.

Бизнес-модель. SaaS.

Состояние. Получение статуса удаленного резидента Бизнес-Инкубатора.





Система поиска доноров во "Вконтакте"


Цель. Создание автономной эффективной площадки для осуществления поиска доноров крови требуемой групповой и резус-принадлежности в любом городе России и ближнего зарубежья.

Решение. Социальная сеть «ВКонтакте» - потенциально самая большая база доноров крови в мире! Необходимо лишь найти рычаги управления для связи людей, готовых помочь и сдать кровь, если их попросят, и тех, кто непосредственно таких доноров ищет.Таким рычагом стало введение поискового шаблона донора, что позволяет находить доноров с конкретными группой крови и резус-фактором, благодаря родной функции соцсети «ВКонтакте».

Состояние. Получение статуса удаленного резидента Бизнес-Инкубатора.